Get Active Indoors!

Sometimes it rains, sometimes plans fall through, and sometimes, we just do not want to go out. But being stuck in the house all the time can drive you crazy! Need something to get you away from your indoor blues? Try doing something active indoors. Not only will it pass the time, but it will boost your oxytocin (those good feeling hormones). Need an idea? Here are a few to get you started:

  1. Have a pillow fight
  2. Play musical chairs
  3. Throw a family dance party
  4. Put together a scavenger hunt (works the body and the brain!)
  5. Build a fort
  6. Make an indoor obstacle course
  7. Play hide and seek
  8. Have a hallway race
  9. Blow off the dust off and play a game of Twister
  10. Play Charades
  11. Learn a Dance Routine: put on Thriller, Single Ladies, or Uptown Funk and learn some moves.
  12. Have the family put on a show
  13. Make a human pyramid
  14. Play Simon Says
  15. Do some chores
  16. Do a work out video
  17. Play balloon volleyball
  18. Act out story time
  19. Hula Hoop
  20. Jump on the bed

Remember be safe and have fun! Find your inner kid, and turn your bleh day into a hooray day.