What We Do


1. Resiliency training for teachers of 4 to 10 year old children
2. Unique Opportunity to receive classroom management training from the only PAX Good Behavior Game Partner in the State of  Florida
3. Teachers receive Certificates at the end of training
4. Free training materials in nutrition and safety
5. NO Cost to schools or participants
6. Trained by professional educators with a combined 30+ years of experience in early childhood education.
7. Opportunity for teachers to become experienced in Project Based Learning and Good Behavior Game teachers
8. Program is funded by the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County. Your tax dollars at work!

The Good Behavior Game

PAXGood Behavior Game® may be the most effective strategy teachers can use in their classrooms to protect children from lifetime mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders while also increasing behavioral, academic, and lifetime success. And, PAX dramatically improves teacher well-being!



  • Good behavior Game® teaches students self-control individually and as a group.
  • Students’ behavior problems dropped 75% in 3 months with PAX Good Behavior Game.
  • Students get better grades and get into less trouble.
  • Office referrals decline sharply and attendance improves.
  • Families say their children are happier, bullying drops, and last friendships develop.

Why Is This Important?

Have you seen a child shut-down when they hit a Roadblock? Have you seen a class get out of hand and take awhile to bring it back under control? Do you get tired of yelling at the kids?

Learn some of the newest evidence-based techniques to manage the classroom and teach children. A select group of teachers and organizations are now receiving free training and we have new openings.

We make the training easy by working alongside your teacher in the classroom. We have the curriculum and the strategies already prepared to share with you. We will work closely with your teacher to ensure they develop the skills. We even want some of your teachers to become skilled enough so they can teach your other teachers!

It is easier than you may think and the techniques have been proven to work. The kids will develop resilience skills – bouncing back from adversity – while learning about nutrition and safety.



Previous research has determined that children as young as 3 years of age can benefit from nutrition education. They primarily do this through skills relating to sight and memorization (i.e. knowing the difference between what fried food vs grilled food looks like. The HA! Program has come up with visuals to obtain pre and post tests on what the children have learned. The post assessment will happen after their project based learning, and will test them on their ability to know how to spot whether or not a food is healthy.


As research has pointed out, children often have a poor comprehension of what is safe vs not safe because it is rare in the adult-child relationship to explain to children why something is dangerous. Much like the  nutrition assessment, the HA! Program has come up with visuals to obtain pre and post test on what the children have learned pertaining to safety. The post assessment will happen after their project based learning, and will test them on their abilities to know not only what is and is not safe but why it is or is not safe.